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Grow on the USA’s Most Prolific Sales Channel With Amazon Ads

Though complex, Amazon represents a huge portion of ecommerce sales in the USA. We take the complexity out of Amazon with our partner ad management platform, Perpetua.

Perpetua gives you (and us) clear insight into your Amazon campaign’s profitability and contribution to your sales growth on the channel.

How We Can Help

We identify top targets for your product ads on Amazon and invest in those with all Amazon’s available ad inventory. Here’s how.

Profit-based machine learning

The ad tech platforms we run Amazon ads on use machine learning to help our team make adjustments to your ads based on your profitability targets.

Seasonally aware advertising

You get the most sales out of the leanest ad budgets when we plan your ads around the best retail holidays, days of the week and times of the day.

Product category research

Your business sells within a complex market to customers with changing tastes. We research trends in customer searches to plan ads effectively.

Reduced costs, increased profits

Businesses like yours grow on reduced costs and increased profits. We use bidding automations to save ad spend so you keep more profit in the bank.

Results-oriented campaigns

We track and test display ad results by measuring the impact on your overall ad revenue.

Prioritized inventory

We show the right inventory to the right shoppers according to their behavior on your website.

Company Ethos

Digital Advertising Research and Information Sharing Is in Our DNA

Research and information sharing is at the center of our company ethos. That’s how we stay up to date on digital marketing trends and find learnings to apply to our clients’ ad campaigns.

Please share our content with your advertising team. We post free content and tutorials each month.

What People Are Saying

Austin and his team have been a great asset to our car buying service, Your Car Buying Advocate, Inc. From the start, Austin listened and learned our business and helped us increase leads from all over the United States. He continually analyzes the Google Ad campaigns running and makes adjustments to help us grow our customers. We regularly talk to make changes to accommodate our growing business which Austin and his team have played an integral part in!

Corrie Rumple

We’ve had a great experience with Austin Becker E-Commerce Marketing. They have managed Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Bing Ads for 2 of our online businesses for over 6 months and we are very impressed so far. Austin is very responsive and quickly understood our businesses and our goals, and built campaigns to meet those goals.

Sam Huebner, company

Austin and his team are great. He really knows digital marketing inside out, thinks big picture in terms of strategy and will go above and beyond to your business go. He’s given us a lot of insights on how to scale our campaigns profitably. Highly recommend!

David Green

Case Study: Iron Fence Shop

16% Decrease in Google Ad Spend. 221% Increase in Form Leads.

Iron Fence Shop retails handcrafted and custom designed perimeter fencing crafted in their own facility including fencing, driveway gates and finials constructed of iron and aluminum.

Case Study: Parker Baby

Increased Return on Ad Spend Within 3 Weeks

Parker Baby designs and provides exceptional and affordable baby products for the modern parent. Since 2015, they’ve specialized in diaper backpacks, caddies, bath supplies, and other baby accessories.

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