Iron Fence Shop Case Study

16% Decrease in Google Ad Spend. 221% Increase in Form Leads.

Iron Fence Shop retails handcrafted and custom designed perimeter fencing crafted in their own facility including fencing, driveway gates and finials constructed of iron and aluminum.

Iron Fence Shop brochure


Iron Fence Shop’s ad accounts performed at a high level already but business owner, Josh, wanted to keep a regular watch on ads to ensure his business wasn’t overspending or missing opportunities for growth.


By auditing and improving the conversion tracking of forms on the website, Austin was able to better capture the value of each lead and ultimately lower the cost per lead. Austin’s revision of ad copy and extensions increased click through rates to further increase traffic.


Iron Fence Shop was able to decrease spend on Google Ads to save money while achieving higher leads volume within three months.


decrease in cost


increase in form leads during the same time period

“Throughout the past 2 years, Austin helped us take advantage of large shifts in consumer shopping trends, while keeping costs lean on both our Google and Bing ads campaigns.”

Joshua Manley, Owner & President

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